Core Research Ideas

The medieval translations of philosophical and scientific works created the soil out of which European culture grew. This momentous movement is poorly known as a whole, even though individual parts of it have been analyzed in depth by highly specialized scholarship; what is worse, the transmission of learning in pre-modern times does not feature as such in the formation of those involved in the educational process in the Humanities, both North and South.

The core idea of “The Learning Roads” is that of studying the multisecular process of the circulation of philosophical and scientific knowledge, and promoting research on it. In addition to this, special attention will be paid to the reception, or the lack thereof, of this multisecular heritage in the modern and contemporary cultural landscape of the Arabic-speaking countries. In particular, we will address the question of the awareness of the rise and development of our common heritage in the higher education and university system in a number of Arabic-speaking countries, with a special focus on the teaching of philosophy.

Increasing attention is paid to the classics of Arabic philosophy: the editions of and studies on the towering philosophers al-Kindi, al-Farabi, Avicenna, Ibn Bajja, Ibn Tufayl, and Averroes multiply in the Arabic-speaking countries, and we would like to contribute to this movement by a systematic and coordinated effort to shed light on the common background of their philosophical thought and the Graeco-Roman ancient and late-ancient philosophy.

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