Studies Programs

Research on the Roots of the Mediterranean Culture 

The Research Unit is home to a variety of research and teaching interests, centering on the transmission of the cultural heritage. It runs an extensive program of lectures on the various aspects of pan-Mediterranean interculturality.

History of Philosophy
Philosophy and the sciences in pre-modern times have been fueled by direct and indirect translations from Greek, which have also fostered innovative developments in Arabic and Latin. It is widely acknowledged that Arabic philosophy and science grew out of the legacy of the Greek texts translated, and this is also the case with medieval European culture, that became acquainted with Greek philosophy and science both directly, via the Graeco-Latin translations, and indirectly, via the Latin versions of the Arabic translations from Greek, as well as via the Latin versions of Arabic philosophical and scientific works. The lectures in the field of history of philosophy explore this momentous process.

Religious Studies
First-hand knowledge of the theological assumptions in the various traditions is a powerful mean to address contemporary problems with attentiveness to issues of diversity. The lectures in this field are meant to deepen the understanding of the religious traditions of the Mediterranean area, past and present.

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